All of the orgasms in fic are so violent. His orgasm came like a punch to the gut. It hit him like a mack truck. It knifed him in a fucking alley. What these orgasms need is a good education.


Samuel Cirnansck S/S 2015


this remains one of the most terrifying fights in nintendo history, obviously you’d walk right towards the door and just suddenly noticing your reflection vanished. This fight is never even explained, all the other side bosses and bosses are just monsters but this one is just YOU


in honor of shakespeare’s 450th birthday (and as thanks to the fandom for being exceptionally cool), I’m doing a giveaway!


there’ll be two winners, each of whom can choose one of the options below:

  • a signature shakespeare edition of the play of their choice (like the one shown here, these are hardcover copies with informative footnotes, commentary, essays, laser-cut paper art between the acts and a timeline of “significant performances”; you can see some more of the art here)
  • a DVD of a globe or RSC production of their choice (non-shakespeare productions like the globe’s doctor faustus or the RSC’s documentaries and DVDs on shakespearean acting are fair game too, and if you’re worried about region locked DVDs I can also include an mp4 copy on a USB to be safe)
  • a copy of to be or not to be by ryan north (a choose your own adventure version of hamlet in which you can play as hamlet, ophelia and/or claudius, which is exactly as entertaining as it sounds— the kickstarter page offers a pretty good idea of what it’s all about if you don’t know already)


  • I’ll use to determine the winner from the notes on this post, so just like/reblog to enter
  • you don’t have to be following me to win (it’d be cool of you, but it won’t affect your chances either way— this is open to anyone who likes shakespeare)
  • I can ship internationally, so it doesn’t matter where you live
  • make sure your askbox is open so I can notify you if you win!
  • ends may 6 (because that’s when the RSC’s richard ii with david tennant comes out on DVD, so yes, that is an option if you so choose)

if you have any other questions (or suggestions for prizes of equivalent value that you’d also be interested in seeing as an option— I was thinking maybe the hollow crown box set if I can find it?), just send me an ask!




if everybody got a free miniature animal at birth that protected you, like a tiny elephant or dragon, the world would be a better place.

write a book

You could call it The Golden Compass


Another giveaway inbound

Hi so ive saved up money alot of money! and because my other giveaway was a big hit i decided why not have another one this time ill have more stuff and more fandom stuff involved

1st place

  • 2 cosplays of choice (up to 150$ each)
  • 2 wigs 
  • 2 contacts from pinkyparadise
  • 2 fandom shirts of your choice
  • fandom merch of your choice (up to 45$)

2nd place

  • 1 cosplay (up to 130$)
  • 1 wig 
  • 1 pair of contacts
  • 2 fandom shirts of your choice
  • fandom merch of your choice (up to 25$)

3rd place

  • 1 wig
  • 1 pair of contacts
  • 1 fandom shirt
  • fandom merch up to (15$)
  • and a bag of candy omf


only reblogs count but you may reblog it as may times as you would like (just dont spam your followers) you may like the post for reference thats fine

you dont have to but you will get extra stuff if you follow me!

and you get an extra entry if you follow madi!

i will ship anywhere on this planet.

Giveaway ends June 28th

also depending on the notes this gets ill add more stuff 

(also if a homestuck wins and they want horns ill totes make some im rly good at it)


We’re super excited to be able to give away April’s Loot Crate!

This box is filled with Dragon themed goodies - if you want to find out what is inside then take a look at our review, but if you’d like it to remain a mystery until you get your box then just go straight ahead and enter! The box we’re giving away is brand new and sealed - not the exact one we reviewed - so the items may vary slightly (you might get a different version/colour of a certain item).


  • Follow our blog, Geeky Merch.
  • Each reblog of this post counts as an entry. Reblog as many times as you like, but try not to spam your followers too much.
  • No giveaway-only blogs. People who use these tend to spam-reblog, and that’s unfair to everyone else. We will be checking!
  • We will ship anywhere.
  • One winner will be randomly chosen and notified on 23rd May 2014!

Good luck with the giveaway, and remember to check out Loot CrateMay’s theme hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s rumoured to be a multi-fandom crate containing items from 3 of the most requested fandoms!

If you’d like to sign up so you don’t miss any future crates, head on over to the Loot Crate website and sign up! You can also use the coupon code: geekymerch to get 10% off your crate!

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i feel really weird and sad right now and i want to cuddle up in my bed and sleep until this time tomorrow but i have so many things i have to do and a lot of shit to sort through in my head and it’s not going very well

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happy earth day friends

this is…the best possible use of this particular gif. 


after learning about transphobia and misogyny and etc its so uncomfortable to be around any person thats not educated on these issues in real life  



FMA AU in which every time Ed or Al say “brother” it’s replaced with “bruh”






Haenuli - Ball of Starlight

reservation belows -


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